Partner With YTI

Partner with YTI

YTI has forged strategic partnerships with churches that help support congregational youth ministry and contribute to YTI’s long-range sustainability. If you would like to learn more about our Church Partnership Program, contact Ms. Jessica McDaniel at

"YTI was the first real experience of liminal community he had. We are Catholic and there are no youth ministries active in the Catholic churches. If we went to urban churches he'd have had to worry about being with privileged white flight people who did not want to be around brown people. He got a taste of things divine in terms of community at YTI...Reaffirmed for him what community is supposed to be like. YTI just ruins church for kids. No church can live up to the experience....It's the difference between going to church, and being the church - he has learned the difference broadly speaking. Its going to be interesting to see what happens to YTI alums as more and more natives become a part of the YTI community. "
-Helen Blier, parent