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For more information about YTI, contact Beth Corrie, Director, at or 404.727.2917.

"I had the honor of attending an amazing program called Youth Theological Intuitive at Emory university! It ended a few days ago, and it changed my life. Before going, I was confused about my future and myself. Now that the program is over I can use new skills and knowledge to make the world a better place. I met some amazing people who ended up being really close friends. I got to take classes on faith and justice with religion and non violence. Overall, my life is different now. I want to thank everyone who contributed to make it such a safe place and life changing experience! If your interested for next summer, feel free to ask me about it...As time goes on, I'm becoming more and more grateful for my yti experience. The lessons I learned are applicable in so many areas of my life. Thanks to everyone!"
-Savannah Henry '15