• YTI 2017 Summer Academy

    YTI 2017 Summer AcademyNow accepting applications for our 2017 Summer Academy - July 2-22, 2017. The YTI Summer Academy is open to students in the summer before their junior or senior years of high school. Read More »

  • YTI Impact

    YTI ImpactThe newly founded Impact program will extend the YTI experience for high school students who cannot come for three weeks in the summer by offering multiple, shorter programs Learn more about IMPACT »

  • The Common English Bible

    The Common English BibleYTI Contributes to the new Student Edition of the Common English Bible. Learn more »

  • Freedom From, Freedom For, or Freedom To?

    Freedom From, Freedom For, or Freedom To?Presenter Callid Keefe-Perry discusses the concept of freedom during the Faith and Justice workshop on Community Discernment. Read more »

"Anybody who participates in any kind of faith community can see that church is changing. There is a quantum shift. The old communal narratives and patterns of engagement are no longer adequate for the world in which we live. ...what I see YTI doing is teaching young people how to be thoughtful citizens in that new commons. Learning how to do this is the only thing that’s going to help the church be relevant in this new reality."

- Helen Blier, YTI parent