Summer Academy

YTI Summer Academy

The YTI Summer Academy gathers forty rising high school juniors and seniors from across the country to Emory University for a three-week experience in Christian theological education. Our goal is to cultivate public theologians for the church and world.

At the YTI Summer Academy, participants engage in:

◦ Asking tough theological questions in a supportive community.

◦ Exploring quality theological literature, including classics of the Christian faith tradition, the Bible, and other resources.

◦ Learning how to analyze, and address global issues from Christian theological perspectives.

◦ Joining with adult participants in shaping and being accountable to a residential covenant community.

◦ Experiencing a variety of ways to worship together as an ecumenical group, including worship with local Christian congregations and other religious communities.

Youth participants, “scholars” as they are referred to through the three weeks, are recruited nationally and internationally through congregations, schools, and YTI alumni. Applicants must be current high school sophomores or juniors with a strong academic profile and a desire to be challenged spiritually and intellectually. We strive for gender balance, racial/ethnic diversity, and denominational variety.

We hope that young scholars will “fall in love with theology” as a life-long pursuit, and find ways to live out their ethical and faith commitments as they move along their vocational paths.

YTI is a residential learning community grounded particularly, but not exclusively, in the Christian faith tradition. We congregate but are not a “congregation,” “Vacation Bible School,” or “church camp.” We engage in theological education and discernment of vocation but are not a “seminary” in the conventional sense. We are an ecumenical academic community that promotes faith seeking understanding.

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"YTI has shown me that even in a place in which you are familiar you can change. Thanks YTI for changing me."
-Ellie McQuaig '14