Positions Available

Residential Positions

The Youth Theological Initiative is an intensive, residential program.  We believe in forming strong relationships each summer between the scholars and staff.  As a result, we hire approximately 12-14 full-time, residential staff persons to work with 3scholars.  This year, we plan to hire 5 mentors, 3 exploratory leaders, and 2 academy coordinators.  We will conduct interviews for these positions in early November.  Should we decide to expand the number of scholars we admit, we may hire an additional mentor and exploratory leader in the late spring.

Mentors live on the hallways with scholars, and carry primary responsibility for the residential welfare of the scholars.  More than “dorm counselors” or “residential advisors,” mentors accompany scholars on their journey at YTI.  In formal settings like Covenant Groups, and informal settings like evening conversations on the hall, mentors practice theological reflection with scholars and model for them the practice of faith seeking understanding and working for justice.  The Summer Academy generally hires 3 female and 2 male mentors, who work together with the Leadership Team to plan, supervise, and facilitate the residential well-being of the scholars while encouraging and facilitating their theological and interpersonal growth.  Successful candidates typically have completed at least one year of graduate level theological education, such as an M.Div., M.T.S. or M.A. degree or higher.  Priority consideration is given to current Candler School of Theology students.

Exploratory Leaders live in the dormitory and carry primary responsibility for the academic elements of the YTI program.  Each Exploratory Leader plans and teaches an “exploratory class,” focused on a particular theological issue, topic, or method.  Exploratory Leaders also plan the weekly pilgrimages for worship with faith communities around the city.  Exploratory Leaders partner with Mentors in facilitating Covenant Groups, and work informally with scholars and colleagues to foster theological reflection for the benefit of church and society.  Exploratory Leaders work with the Leadership Team to enhance their own pedagogical perspectives and processes, both inside and outside of the formal classroom.  Succesful candidates typically are engaged in advanced graduate study, such as a Ph.D. and/or have significant classroom experience on the high school level.  Priority consideration is given to current Emory Graduate Division of Religion students.

Academy Coordinators live in the dormitory and carry primary responsibility for the logistical elements of the Summer Academy.  Academy Coordinators ensure that both food and office supplies are on-hand, catered meals are ordered, vans are safe and ready for use, etc.  Academy Coordinators work in both formal and informal settings with scholars to foster their theological reflection; such opportunities are arranged in accordance with the individual’s interests and abilities.  Successful candidates typically have experience in program planning and/or a demonstrated interest in non-profit leadership or theological education.  Priority consideration is given to current Emory University (Candler, GDR, other schools) students.


All full-time residential staff members earn $3200, in addition to meals and housing during the program.

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Part Time Positions

A limited number of internship and part-time positions are available and may include choir director and worship musician, worship coordinator, service-learning facilitators, workshop leaders, and researchers.

Part-time staff do not typically live in the residence hall and are hired for specific tasks or specific days.

Interns generally work to support the program in a variety of ways and may have tasks and hours negotiated based on interest and learning goals.  Interns receive free housing in the residence hall, and/or Candler course credit, and often include YTI alumni or Candler students interested in earning credit towards the Religious Education Certificate.

These positions are generally filled during the Spring Semester.  If you are interested in learning more about a part-time position or internship, please contact the director at ecorrie@emory.edu

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"We come to care about the [scholars] before they even get here. YTI becomes a different world for us when we are here. We grow to cherish each and every one of [our scholars]. We are committed to justice, living mercy and walking humbly with each other. It is an embodied program. It becomes who we are."
-Rachelle Green, Assistant Director